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Thalassemia Beta

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Question: Is there anyway to get rid of my beta thalassemia trait? hi i just was told by the doctor i have beta thalassemia trait. because my red blood cells are small. is there anyway to increase there size or get rid of my beta thalassemmia trait?

Answer: People with Thalassemia Minor, sometimes known as Trait, carry Thalassemia but they are not ill. Traits are not the disease. A Thalassemia trait gene may cause some slight anemia in the person who inherited the gene. It may cause slight fatigue but there would be no major health problems created by this gene. Thalassemia trait is often mistaken for iron deficiency, thus anyone suspected of being a Thalassemia trait carrier who is on iron supplements should be re-tested for iron deficiency after one or two months. Thalassemia Minors red blood cell are also different from normal blood cells.… It's not necessary to treat it. Anyway, the most common treatment for all major forms of Thalassemia is red blood cell transfusions. You can read this page for more detail on Thalassemia treatment.…

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