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Thalassemia Alpha

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Question: What is the cheapest insurance that would cover finance for alpha thalassemia major of my baby? I'm working on a fictional scenario in which my baby has alpha thalassemia major. I earn $30,000 yearly in the scenario.

Answer: If you don't have coverage on the baby before it's born - like through your group policy - you're not going to FIND anyone willing to cover a preexisting condition. Most newborns, it's pretty darned hard to find private coverage for them, period, before they are a year old, because that first year, the prevenatitve stuff is thousands and thousands of dollars. So, for your fictional scenario, you'll have to either add that baby to mom or dad's group policy through work (for a first child, if the employer is picking up half, figure an extra $100 a month to the employee), or, the baby will be uninsured. Even after the first year, a baby with a preexisting condition is pretty much uninsurable on a private policy. Mom or dad will have to get a job with group benefits, and THEN, after 18 months of coverage, the preexisting condition will be covered on the group plan. Effectively, they have to work for the insurance coverage.

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