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Platelet Disorders

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Question: about platelet disorders? discuss three nursing considerations for each of the following platelet disorders, DIC and hemophilia please share your knowledge thank you

Answer: Platelet disorders are usually caused by a factor deficit or a regulator protein deficit. For DIC, this disorder is caused by the activation of platelets through out the body system instead of a localized area. This causes the over use of coagulation factors and can lead to hemorrhage and strokes. One diagnostic test for DIC is to look at D-dimer levels in the blood. If the level is high, that means the body is breaking down a lot of clots. Treatment for DIC includes anticoagulants such as heparin. Hemophilia has more than 1 type. Hemophilia A can be seen as the opposite of DIC. this is when platelets have problems clotting due to a factor 7 deficit. Diagnostic test include mixing studies for factor 7. Hemophilia B is a factor 9 deficit. Treatment includes replacing the factor in deficit. This is all i remember from school.

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