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Pernicious Anemia

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Question: What causes symptoms in pernicious anemia? I'm looking for information as to the biochemical reason for pernicious anemia causing symptoms such as sore tongue, difficulty swallowing and stomach pain. I know it's due to a B12 deficiency, but how does that extend to the symptoms I mentioned above? Please cite references if you know of any. I've been searching online for an hour with no luck. Thank you very much, and 10 points for the best answer.

Answer: I thought this was a result of an iron deficiency, so I looked this term up on the internet. This is what I found: People who have pernicious anemia can't absorb enough vitamin B12 from food due to a lack of intrinsic (in-TRIN-sik) factor, a protein made in the stomach. This leads to vitamin B12 deficiency. The condition is called pernicious ("deadly") anemia because it was often fatal in the past, before vitamin B12 treatments were available. Now, pernicious anemia usually is easy to treat with vitamin B12 pills or shots. With ongoing care and proper treatment, most people who have pernicious anemia can recover, feel well, and live normal lives. This article doesn't address specific symptoms, but I think you should feel fortunate that at least your symptoms helped lead you to a diagnosis and possible treatment. It also said that if left untreated it can lead to symptoms and conditions much worse that that. The inflammation in any condition is debilitating and can drain you of energy and compound or complicate any disorder. You just need a regimen to compensate for your disorder so you can mend.

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