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Mastocytosis Systemic

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Question: Please please tell me everything you know about systemic mastocytosis.? A friend of mine was just told she has systemic mastocytosis. What can you tell me about this disease? Do you know anyone who has it?

Answer: Systemic mastocytosis is caused when mast cells collect in the tissues and can affect organs such as the liver , spleen , lymph nodes , and bone marrow. Mastocytosis is a disease characterized by the presence of too many mast cells in various organs and tissues. Description The body has a variety of free-roaming cell populations that function as immunogenic agents. Most immunogenic cells fall into the category of white blood cells, but some remain in tissues and are not found in the blood. Mast cells are such a group. The cause of mastocytosis is unknown. People with systemic mastocytosis have bone and joint pain. Peptic ulcers are frequent because of the increased stomach acid stimulated by histamine. Many patients with systemic mastocytosis also develop urticaria pigmentosa. These skin lesions itch when stroked and may become fluid-filled. Systemic mastocytosis is only symptomatically treated. There is no known treatment that decreases the number of mast cells within tissue.

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