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Lymphoma Follicular

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Question: In follicular lymphoma do they egver remove lymph nodes? I have stage 4 follicular lymphoma and I was wondering do they ever remove nodes or is this not a good Idea. Also is stem cell replacement a option. I \have heard it has been done in other non hodgens lymphoma.

Answer: As a general rule, the only reason lymph nodes are removed in lymphoma patients is for biopsy. Lymphoma is considered a blood cancer, which means it is presumed to be circulating throughout the body, so removing lymph nodes won't really treat lymphoma. To learn more about your treatment options ... first, I would recommend checking out the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society ... it offers free patient help on things like treatment options, where to find doctors, trials, etc. They have people available 10 AM to 5 PM eastern time. Go here: and click on live patient help up at the top of the page. LLS is also a good place to do research. For general information these are good links to get you started:……… This is also an excellent PDF from the American Cancer Society on Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma (it is a big file will take a few seconds to download even on a fast connection):… That document outlines treatment options for different kinds of N-HL including follicular lymphoma. Use the index ... the follicular lymphoma info starts around page 35. Stem cell transplant is at least listed there as a possible option. You may also want to try and connect with other patients; I am almost certain you will find patients with follicular lymphoma on this forum in the Non-Hodgkin's area: Best of luck to you.

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