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Hemolytic Anemia

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Question: My husband has hemolytic anemia can he get discharged from the navy? My husband has 1 1/2 years left of a 6 year enlistment. The naval doctors recently found out he has hemolytic anemia. He has apparently had it all his life. It leaves him feeling very fatigued and at times very ill.He has tried iron pills,changing his diet nothing seems to help. The naval doctors haven't said much yet. He would like to get medically discharged from the Navy due to this condition. Is it possible? And how does he go about presenting his case?

Answer: 1) The doctors will prepare a medical board report. If he has over 3 years service, there is a presumption of service aggravation. That report will be sent to the Physical Evaluation Board for a determination of disability rating. If the rating is 30% or less, and your husband accepts it, he will be discharged with severance pay. If the percentage is 30% or higher he will be transferred to the Disability Retired List, with all base privileges for his dependents and himself (including medical benefits). 2) If he has less than three years of service, the medical board will recommend his discharge for a disqualifying medical condition which existed prior to his entry.

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