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G6PD Deficiency

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Question: my youngest son has G6PD deficiency. Is there any possibility that my other baby have same problem.? I'm pregnant and my baby is about 5 month old. Is there any possibility that my baby will get G6PD deficiency because my youngest son is having that problem now.

Answer: G6PD usually doesn't cause major problems for the people with it, but it can be passed on by either parent. The only way to know your child's potential risk for inheriting the disorder is to know which of you or if both of you carry the trait. Chances are one of you is probably also G6PD deficient, and don't even realize it. Since you have one child with the disorder, one of you at least carries it- and so every child you have is at risk to inherit it. There is nothing you can do to prevent it either way, nor predict how seriously it will affect the child until it is born. I'm sure the doctor treating your baby can explain things better for you, so you can better understand the problem. Just talk with your doctor or your baby's doctor, and get the answers you need.

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