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Burkitt Lymphoma

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Question: How long can you live with Burkitt's Lymphoma? My 20 year old cousin just found out he has Burkitt's Lymphoma and the whole family is afraid he is going to die from this. We don't know what to do or what to say to him. He is going on about how he is going to die. I just want to know what to do for him. He goes to a cancer doctor 2mrw and we just hope they can help him. Can he make it through this?

Answer: This is an aggressive form of lymphoma, but with current medical improvements and better chemotherapy drugs the survival rate is not 60% and can be as high as 90% for people who have limited disease. Have a look at the link below, it gives you more information on this type of lymphoma… I wish you and your cousin all the very best - hope all goes well at his appointment tomorrow

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