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Urethral Diverticulum

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Question: Does anyone know anytihng about Urethral diverticulum? Ive been diagnosed w. it . it is a bulge in the urethra -ive ben struggleing w/ it for 3 yrs. -I finally know what it is -ive got one of the worst cases but my Doc wanted to wait till it bothered me again to do more testing -but now Im having burning and the feeling like I still have to go after ive peed -My Doc is out till monday and I dont know if im gonna be able to deal w/ this all weekend -but If i go to the emergency room they will just treat me for somthing stupid and let me go like they have b4 --I honestly dont know what to do................

Answer: well, hillary, one most important thing for u to know after reading ur question is " surgery is the only mainstay of treatment of urethral diverticuli. medicines usually given r pain-killers and antibiotics for dysuria and UTI respectivey, which is seen with diverticulum." now, without knowing ur detailed history and test results, i cant asses when and if any which surgical intervention u need. but for the weekend at least, u can take anti-spasmodic agents, if they r already prescribed to u(they r not OTC and used for cramping pains of genito urinary or gastro intestinal origin). for ur urinary frequency, i would suggest u take no medication. if its too troublesome, just limit ur liquid intake to water mostly, and avoid tea, coffee, juices, alochol in particular. best adviced to take an appointment of a surgeon, sooner the better. take care hillary. -aaveg.

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