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Umbilical Cord Complications

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Question: What does a thin umbilical cord indicate? I just gave birth to my first child on 4/13/06 and I heard the comment made in the delivery room and can see how thin the stump is on my newborn. My baby seems perfectly healthy and no one has told me anything differently. I did have diet-controlled GD, borderline high BP and am overweight, but had a rather complication-free pregnancy. I am curious as to what a thin umbilical cord could mean. Thank you.

Answer: It could have been a number of things, lack of calcium could be one big thing.Also if your feeling funny or think yout young one is having troubles go to the DR. as soon as possiable you don't want to make things worse if there was something wrong.Keep an eye on color as well they should look alittle pink pale if ya know what I mean.Congrats. and don't worry to much. If the DR. has not said anything then chances are nothing is wrong. Enjoy that new young One!

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