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Threatened Abortion

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Question: threatened abortion? ok, well i kind of already talked about this on yahoo, but stil have one more question. yesterday at 10 weeks 2 days pregnant, during sex( wasnt the first time i had sex since i got pregnant) we stopped because there was red blood. well when i used the bathroom nothing came out, only little when i wipped. so my doctor took me in this morning, checked my cervix, closed, no more bleeding since sex, i have an ultrasound wednesday at 11 weeks 1 day, but the heartbeat was found at 7 weeks 1 day, he took me in his office to talk, he wrote on my file threatened abortion, he said thats not what happened to me tho,because those are when bleeding happens for no reason, he said it was do to my cervix, but he had to put a medical term on the paper. so i didnt have a threatened abortion then? so my baby should still have a heartbeat right? i kind of asked this question before but forgot the threatened abortion part my doctor used both terms, he was talking to a student doctor as well. but i just picked this term

Answer: Your bleeding could have been caused by sexual activity. When you're pregnant, your cervix is more sensitive and can bleed with the slightest irritation. A threatened miscarriage is usually when you just randomly start bleeding. Since you had intercourse right before the bleeding started, it seems that your doctor is saying that the intercourse is the cause and the bleeding was not "random". Since your cervix is closed and you did not say that you experienced any cramping (I'm assuming that you didn't), chances are you are not having a miscarriage.

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