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Therapeutic Abortion

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Question: Therapeutic abortion? Did anyone visit to "Women's health care services,P.A" at Wichita, Kansas. How much will it cost for "third trimester termination" With regards, by tomorrow, i would know how much will it cost by calling the clinic. I thought someone can tell me today. I am not whether the suggested hospital is under PPO or not as well. IF not, what option will I have ? Is it a life threatenig for the mother ? PLEASE help ama_nicol, Pls. note that we LOVE baby. This decision is hard. Doctors told us about all the complications after 24 weeks and said that the possibility of survival is less. Tell me what else can we do ?. It is a hard decision. We didn't sleep since we made that decision. I am not arguing what I did is correct here.

Answer: If your health is truly threatened by the continuance of this pregnancy a cesarean section is almost always safer than a third trimester abortion. The baby can be delivered and the proceedure completed in about 45 minutes.

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