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Placenta Previa

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Question: Placenta Previa? I just got my first ultrasound and im scared because the couldnt find the placenta and the appt. paper that they gave me back had a marked box for placenta abnormalties r/o previa? do i have placenta previa? on the bottom it said come back for anatomy and plac. loc. im really scared. if i do have placenta previa what should i do?

Answer: If you do, you will have to have a scheduled c-sect. You cannot go into labor and dilate because it would put both you and your baby at grave risks. There are times the plancenta can move up high enough that you're fine - so don't count your chickens just yet! Maybe it will all be fine! I would try to be thankful that you have access to ultra sound! My friend had a baby in 1988 and she had placenta previa that was not detected. Never had an ultrasound. Went into labor, wasn't dilating, wasn't dilating then GUSH! Hemorrhage and she almost died and so did her daughter - it was AWFUL!!! She had lost so much blood, they couldn't give her enough anesthesia (she looked as if she was out, but she wasn't) and she felt the whole c-sect! Can you imagine??? Your doctor will help you make the best decision for you - SAFETY is top priority. This is a legitimate reason for surgery though - you will be fine and so will your baby!

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