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Question: Can you start menopause when you are on birth control pills? Or, will you know you are starting menopause when you are on the pill? Will you still have normal periods? I am 32 and a bit young but the females in my family go through menopause young. I was just wondering because I am having horrible hot flashes at night and was wondering if the pill would mask menopause? Any help would be appreciated.

Answer: The oestrogen provided in the BCP (birth control pill) may be enough to control menopausal symptoms if you happened to be going through it whilst on birth control pills so in a way yes it could mask the fact that you were going through the menopause (depending on the level of oestrogen you are on) . Having said that, the night sweats can be side fx of the pill. With regards to periods, the bcp causes a monthly period so there is no reason why that would necessarily stop because you may be going through an early menopause. They would stop however, if you were definitely going through menopause and not on the bcp! If you are concerned and really want to know then a trip to the Doc to check your hormone levels esp FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) and LH ( lutenizing hormone) (used to determine if you are in or about to enter menopause) would be best but am not sure if they can test that if still on the bcp, but I'm sure they'll clarify that for you! (",)

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