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Klinefelter Syndrome

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Question: what kinds of research is being done on klinefelter syndrome? i would just like to know what kinds of research is being done on klinefelter syndrome. thanks for the help.

Answer: I'm not sure what it is you want to know. Klinefelter's syndrome is well understood; it's not like they don't know what causes it. It's a basic genetic mutation in which a male has an extra X chromosome. There isn't any current potential for altering the genotype, if that is what you mean--? There are lots of studies about treatments for various problems typical for Kleinfelter's patients, including hormone replacement therapy, and there are studies about the population--psychology, neurological implications, prevalence of diseases. Many of these studies are very easy to find with a simple internet search--it's hard to direct you without a little more information about what you're looking for. Maybe you could clarify what you're curious about?

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