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Elective Abortion

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Question: How many people know that most states you can get an elective abortion at 7 months pregnant? And does anyone care to know how they kill the fetus and that they have found it a scientific fact that the fetus feels pain at 20 weeks conservatively and that thousands upon thousands of babies have been killed many weeks after they began feeling sensation? Nice hah. You tell me those abortionists aren't phuking murderers. go ahead and report away murder advocating M effers. Kat, is that your hope? Is that something you tell yourself to make everything all better, or is that something based in evidence? IF so, I'd like your proof. Wishful thinking passed as basic knowledge shows YOUR ignorance dear. They keep records on this stuff, and the evidence speaks contrary to your lala land. Look in your phone book where they ALL advertise openly they perform up to 24-28 weeks. That's some sick sht. Yeah. Nice how they were constantly leaving the babies for dead, cold and alone in a bucket...before Bush had to pass the Infants Born Alive protection act after all the nurses and staff were ratting the clinics and hospitals out because it was SUCH a common practice to leave a baby to die, cold in a pan. Sick fks. No babe. The scientific data states they feel pain at 20 weeks. Go look it up for yourself. The abortion institutions are touting the 28 magic mark because it's in their best interest. The 28 weeks wasn't a set limit based on any fetal rights, hun. That was a mark when they said it wouldn't survive on it's own, and even THAT'S a lie since viability is a changing thing with scientific advancement. Now whatchgot. Yeah Sean, well guess what, lots of German babies were killed during WWII--was it worth it?, I'm not saying the Iraq war is justified, I was always against it. But where is your argument going? It's ok for you to kill babies because babies sometimes get killed in "conservative" wars? I thought DEMOCRATS voted for the war as well?! Now whatchagot.

Answer: you completely ruined your argument with your last edited comment.. shows your ignorance.. yes most states you can... however most doctors will not morally perform them unless it is absolutely necessary.. and then they actually try to save the baby.. if it can live on it's own

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