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Ectopic Pregnancy

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Question: ectopic ... pregnancy? What are the symptoms. I read normal pregnancy symptoms but also pain localized or cramping and spotting? I am having lots of cramping, but barely any spotting at all. Kinda like uh, losing my mucous plug. Chunky, bloody tinged and mucousy. This couldn't mean a ectopic could it? I had a c/s .... 6 months ago almost! Heightened sense of smell ( i can smell maple syrup strongly in the maple and brownsuger instant oatmeal, never before. I smell my husbands phermones and it makes me wanna puke, I could smell onions wrapped up in saran wrap and didn' teven know they were in the kitchen on super bowl sunday .. just a few incidents!).Peeing every 10 - 15 minutes .. and I don't drink tons of water. Always exhausted and super tired. My boobs are tingly all the time, sometimes feeling like I am 'letting down'. I have breastfed before so I know the feeling. oh, a day late for my period + negative test, and - test few days ago. Should I go to doctors to confirm ectopic pregnancy?Miscariage


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