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Brow Presentation

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Question: had a brow presentation at 3cms dilated with my first now pregnant again wit second will it happen again? hi had brow presentation with my first at 3 cms i was 2 weeks late and had to be started off too my labour wasnt going anywhere then they found out he was in brow position at 3 cm dilated so had to have emergencey c- section im now pregnant with my second and dont know what my chances are to have a vaginal birth or will the doctor when i c him in few weeks tell me i have no chance has anyone else been through this before as i dont know anyone i have been told its really rare but could happen again???

Answer: i chose to have another section...I decided that the risks were too high to try for a vaginal birth...and anyway what does it matter? What matters s that you carry the baby safely for 9 months and then get them out in the best way you can.

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