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Abnormal Labor

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Question: is it abnormal for a cat to be in labor for over 13 hours? my cat had kittens this morning at 2:30 am...she had three...but she still has some in her this abnormal or normal? she has atleast 3 more in her...i can feel them and see them. should i be worried, or does labor sometimes take this long for a cat...a cat expert told me that this is normal and sometimes can take 24-32 hours for all kittens to be this true?

Answer: Me again yes she will be fine one answer says she could die but she wont i promise, and one said she should have them in 2 to 6 hours that's not possible,as cats kittens are born hours apart,and always take as long as i have said, and i have over 27 year's of experience with birthing cats and have never had one die on me and all had healthy litters, and like you say she is happy and content and not at all stressed, and it can take longer for first time mothers but you dont say if its her first litter, but if she doesnt give birth to the rest after the 24-32 hours is up from start of labour contact the vet to prevent infection as the kittens dont have the amniotic fluid around them.

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