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Hemangiomas Hepatic

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Question: Hepatic Hemangiomas-Liver problems? I had an ultrasound which showed a cyst on my liver. I am going for a CT scan this week. My doc said that it's possible that it is a hepatic hemangioma which is always benign. In checking on different websites I found that people who have these don't have symptoms and this is usually found during a routine ultrasound. However, I have been experience intense discomfort from under my rib cage to the back and up to my neck area. Has anyone had a hemangioma with discomfort and is surgery always indicated? I know my doc will advise me upon test results; but I am rather anxious. I am a 56 yr.old healthy, non drinking woman taking estrogen replacement.

Answer: In my experience, hepatic hemangiomas are just an incidental finding. But the experts say: Large hepatic hemangiomas do occur, can cause symptoms -- pain, nausea, or enlargement of the liver -- and even rupture (a rare event) causing severe pain and bleeding into the abdomen that can be an emergency.… Hemangiomas may cause bleeding or interfere with organ function, depending on their location. Most cavernous hemangiomas do not show symptoms. In rare cases, a cavernous hemangioma may rupture. (The only symptom may be an enlarged liver.)…

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