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Esophageal Spasm

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Question: What the home treatment or self treatment for esophageal spasm? ive been suffering from this esophageal spasm lately... and it really sucks. I mean feel like i am soffucated. and even i try to relax it wont relax... pls help.

Answer: there are few treatments really, some Dr's prescribe ranitidine or omeprazole to stop you making so much stomach acid so when the spasm occurs the acid doesn't jump into your oesophagus and cause you pain. for the spasm itself, its a case of trial and error with meds as the drugs they use are all primarily designed to be used on other conditions. Things you can do yourself are as follows avoid taking big gulps of fluids avoid food + fluids that are excessively hot or cold make sure you drink plenty at mealtimes to make food easier to swallow + digest some people can identify specific food as triggers- your Dr can help you look into this. also please make sure you have a medical diagnosis of oesophageal spasm before you self treat as there are many digestive disorders with similar symptoms, some harmless and some potentially very serious.

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