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Alcoholic Hepatitis

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Question: What is the difference between Hepatitis C and alcoholic hepatitis? How is it determined which one a person may have?

Answer: Hepatitis is a fancy way of saying inflammation of the liver. There are many different reasons that can cause hepatitis. Virus, massive blood infections, medications, alcohol, auto-immune disorders are some general causes of hepatitis. Hepatitis C virus and alcohol both can cause inflammation of the liver. Hepatitis C can be easily tested by blood work and if you have abnormal liver function test and Hepatitis C, it could be causing the hepatitis. If you test negative for Hepatitis C and you drink alot of alcohol, then the alcohol may be causing it. Now if you drink heavily/frequently and also have Hepatitis C it may be hard to figure which one is doing more damage. In the last case senerio, the important thing to rememeber is that both the alcohol and hepatitis C could be causing liver inflammation and ultimately you could develop liver cirrhosis (liver is so damaged and scarred from chronic inflammation) faster than if you have only had one causative factor. Unlike what people above said, alcohol does cause hepatitis and it is common. Chronic hepatitis can ultimately lead to liver cirrhosis.

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