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Acute Liver Failure

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Question: Can Anesthesia cause acute liver failure in cats? Several days ago I took my female cat in to be spayed. They held her over the weekend because they were closed by the time the surgery was done. On Monday, around 5:30 I picked her up, and she seemed tired, but OK. By early Tuesday afternoon, she was in acute liver failure (we had a lot of tests run) and died. Is there any chance that a mistake in anesthesia or surgey could be the cause of her death, or is this just a terrible coincidence?

Answer: Anesthesia can cause damage to the liver, that is what PRE-bloodwork tests look for is anthing wrong with the kidneys and liver(most affected by anesthesia). i don't know if these tests were administered or not before the surgery- usually has to have the consent of the owner on this type of thing. So if this bloodowrk was not done, then I would say yes, it could have been caused by the surgery unfortunately, because without that bloodwork the vet would have no way of knowing what their internal organs are like. Otherwise, if the PRE-anesthesia work was done, it could have been a coincidence but I would be asking more questions. Sorry about the loss of your pet!

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