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Question: Hypoglycemia-If you have or someone you know-How to keep a normal blood sugar during the day and night? My 22 year old daughter was just diagnosed with hypoglycemia.Was rushed to hospital and blood sugar was 1.4-Any tips on how you personally kept your sugar at normal level.Please no smart ass answers cause this is my daughters life at stake.Got doctor advice but need to hear from someone who goes thru this daily.Thanx. I thank all that respond with intelligent advice-Thank You-God Bless You And Yours

Answer: I deal with diabetics all day long at my job so I know it's a scary thing especially if it's a new thing. Get an accucheck machine and take the blood sugar before each meal and at bedtime. This will give you a sort of base line blood sugar to go on. I cannot stress the importance of diet. Low carb diets work well and you can always find examples of these online. Make sure there are snacks available to her in between meals and before bed. Good luck

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