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Grave's Disease

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Question: How long will Grave's disease symptoms last? I have been diagnosed with Grave's disease, and the symptom I can't stand the most is the dark circles under my eyes....My question is this: If I go through with the radiation treatment to obliterate my thyroid, will my dark cirlces get better? How long will it take?

Answer: I've never heard of dark circles being a symptom of Grave's disease. You learn something new every day. Sorry to not answer your question, but I think the dark circles are the least of your problems. Do you really want to give yourself another serious disease that you will have to take medication for every day for the rest of your life? (Hypothyroidism) Because that is what you will be doing if you have radiation. You should research this a LOT more before you do this, because it's completely, 100% permanent.

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