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Adrenal Disease

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Question: What will happen if adrenal disease isn't treated in ferrets? How long will a ferret survive with adrenal disease if it's not treated? Does adrenal disease cause pain?

Answer: Yes it causes pain. Ferrets do not usually show signs of pain until it is almost to the point it will kill them. It is impossible to say how long your ferret has with or without treatment. He can live 5 more years or one more year. Depends on how bad the adrenal tumor is. Without treatment the ferret could have all or some of the following symptoms: lose most/all his fur, become very tired, hard a very painful time going to the bathroom, get swollen vulva that increases risk of infections, become very aggressive towards other ferrets or you, and lose his appetite and lose weight- or stop eating all together and die. I suggest getting the Lupron shots and the melatonin implant after the surgery. I have had 3 ferrets die of adrenal- 1 had this. I also have 1 with adrenal (he is 7.5 years old). The two hat got this treatment definitely have/had it the easiest. They did not require a year or more of force feeding like the other two, and they stayed active and played with the other ferrets, so I know they felt 100% better. When a ferret has to get a shot (rabies, distemper, Lupron... whatever) the best thing to do is to bring Ferritone and give the ferret some while he/she is getting the shot. They won't even notice! Its amazing.

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