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Unstable Angina

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Question: please help me what is the main difference between acute coronary syndrome, unstable angina and MI? i read from google that unstable angina and myocardial infarction are subtype of acute coronary ???????

Answer: Acute coronary syndrome covers a lot of diseases of the heart, they begin with that and do a workup. Unstable angina is chest pain associated with coronary artery disease that occurres randomly by vessels that are becoming narrowed due to atherosclerosis, and needs medicine to control, like nitroglycerin. A myocardial infarction indicates that a blood vessel in the heart has become blocked, either by becoming too narrow to let blood through or because of a clot. This is the most serious because it can cause parts of the heart not getting blood to stop working properly. Sometimes it can be helped with putting in a stent, sometimes it can be so bad one would need bypass surgery to provide blood flow to that part of the heart.

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