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Question: What can you tell me about syncope, especially the cardiac related? I'm doing a paper on heart conditions, and I have to talk about syncope caused by cardiac conditions. I've read some about it, but I'm trying to get the practical side of it. How ofter someone with the condition faints? For how long? What are the symptoms before it happens? Any ways to prevent those? What age range does it normally affect? Thanks.

Answer: Syncope can affect any age group. As you may have read, there are various reasons that may cause it. The frequency varies with individual. If the event is triggered, the person may have it once or twice in a lifetime, or weekly. The time in which they pass out also varies on what the initial cause of it is. Before someone faints, they may have less than a second up to a minute or so to know that it is going to happen. Often it is lightheartedness that they feel. They may feel dizzy, or suddenly weak. Prevention is focused on finding why it is happening. Good luck on your paper, and hope I helped!

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