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Sinus Bradycardia

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Question: What is the difference between Bradycardia and Sinus Bradycardia? An EKG revealed two years ago that I had Bradycardia. Now, it says Sinus Bradycardia. I dont have a good dr. sorry for the dumb question. What is the difference ? Should I be worried? Resting heartrate is 42-47

Answer: Bradycardia and Sinus bradycardia are pretty much the same thing. I think if you had another arrhythmia the EKG would have said so. If all it said was Bradycardia or Sinus Bradycardia they are the same. 42-47 is a little slow. You may have some kind of conduction delay. You may want to ask a Doc or better a cardiologist about it. But if your blood pressure is good with that rate your OK for now.

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