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Pulmonary Edema Cardiogenic

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Question: WWYD?? Canine with non-cardiogenic pulmonary edema? Please - if you've experienced this with a pet -- please tell me what happened/what you did. So far, this is the diagnosis we're getting, which means that a cardiologist probably cannot help (since it's NON cardiogenic). The medicine they've been giving him to try to get rid of the fluid in his lungs isn't helping. I love my dog dearly and don't want him to suffer, but if they can help him I want to help him. Please please help.

Answer: If the vet has tried and really can't help him, consider a second opinion- only if you get it quickly. Unfortunately, sounds like perhaps the results may be the same. At some point, you must consider putting him down, if vets can't help. I am not a vet or vet tech, but I do work in human medicine, and pulmonary edema is basically drowning from the inside out. I'm sorry to be so graphic about it when you're going through this terrible thing, but if he really can't be helped, help him by ending his suffering and putting him down. It is a nasty way to go and you would be best showing him love by not allowing him to suffer like that..

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