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Mitral Stenosis

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Question: are mitral regurgitation and mitral stenosis the same thing? I have just been told i have angina and my doctor has given me a spray to use during an attack. It says on the leaflet not to use if you have mitral stenosis disease, i have mitral regurgitation. I am not sure if i should call my doctor again to double check that i can take it.

Answer: No they are not exactly the same. "Mitral regurg" is the name given to blood flow that leaks and flows in the reverse direction through the mitral valve inside the heart. When the valve closes properly, there should be little or no reverse flow. During a colour doppler ultrasound exam, blood flow in the heart is represented as blue and red depending on the direction of blood flow. Mitral regurg will show as a burst of reverse colour. Mitral stenosis is a blockage at the valve that prevents it from closing properly. Mitral stenosis could cause mitral regurg. I would ask your doctor if the nitro spray is a concern. My guess is, it is not a concern because the nitro spray is used to dialate the arteries in the body, ( especially the coronaries ) to allow good blood flow to the heart muscle.

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