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Eisenmenger Syndrome

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Question: Eisenmenger Syndrome/Pulmonary Hypertension- do you know this diesease i have? Is there any consultants or professors whom can help me or even just talk to me please who knows the illness called "Eisenmenger Syndrome", hole in heart/high blood pressure in lungs. understands shunts and shunt reversal, enlarged heart, and severe pressure up to 118 and higher lung pressure. Im not a nutter im a terminally ill young lady from scotland age 36, i,ve lived with this illness many years-i know im lucky to be hear and understand my illness but i need some questions answered or just to talk to me 10 mts of your time plzzz-anyone who understands-xxxxxxxxxxx remember leave your details for me to get back to you-thankyou.

Answer: this website tries to help and explain very rare conditions such as yours. in worst case,if medications and all else does not help, a total heart-lung transplant is required for Eisenmenger patients.

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