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Question: atherosclerosis??? hello. im a 14 year old boy. i weight 120lbs., and am about 5'6''. this is thin. i have no family history of atherosclerosis. however, sometimes ill get dizzi when i stand up after sitting, or at church when i stand. what is the likelihood that i have atherosclerosis? it's not in my family, and i don't think any heart prob.'s really are.sometimes ill get pain under my heart out of nowhere that hurts when i breathe deep. also, at bball, after running something hard, i sometimes have a hard time getting air. what couldi have?could it be atherosclerosis? thanks.

Answer: what you described is called orthostatic hypotension, decrease of blood pressure when moving from sitting to standing. it is noral at your age. you just have to adjust to it by doing this movement slowly. as for your chest and heart discomfort, if it happens after sternous exercices then it is ok. if it occurs on rest or follwoing mild exercise then you'd better see your doctor. good luck

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