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Skin Cancer

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Question: How high are my chances of getting skin cancer? Yesterday I was at the pool with my friend, and she told me I have high chances of getting skin cancer. I have blond hair, blue eyes, very pale skin, I get burned easily, lots of moles and beauty marks, and I actually have a family history of cancer. She said these all made my chances higher of getting skin cancer. If so, should I use more sunscreen? What SPF? How can I help prevent skin cancer but still go outside regularly? Thanks for all of your help!

Answer: There are simple things you can do to try and protect yourself from skin cancer. 1) Wear a hat when you know you'll be outside for longer than half an hour. It doesn't have to be a full blown sun hat, a baseball or newsboy hat will do. 2) If you know that you'll at the beach or the pool, make sure you apply SPF 50 sunscreen. 3) The suns UV rays are strongest the hours between 11am and 4pm. 4) Remember, concrete sand and water can reflect the suns rays, so even if you are just going to the park you can put on a little bit of sunscreen. 5) If you were make up ever day, they make foundations with SPF 15 in them. 6) Wear chap stick or put in on under any other lip products(Lip gloss, lip stick) because chap stick normally has SPF 5 in it. 7) Don't go sun tanning or to tanning salons, because these both will increase your chances of radiation.

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