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Testicular Cancer

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Question: How can you tell the difference between testicular cancer and epiditimitis? I heard that a lump that is painless cud be cancer. Could it be cancer if it is painful. Also, how fast does testicular cancer spread. I'm rly nervous about this!!!

Answer: A lump that is painless or painful can be cancer and as far as the speed of spread if it spreads at all, the best and really only answer should come from your oncologist/urologist. The first step to take if you suspect you have a problem, is to make an appointment with a urologist. This is his/her special area of medicine and if necessary you will be referred to a oncologist, a cancer specialist. Not all lumps are cancer and not all pain in the testicles means cancer. I just recently had a severe infection in one testicle and the pain was terrible but, it was just that - an infection and it is being taken care of with a course of antibiotics courtesy of my urologist. Don't be nervous, get it checked out and won't you be pleasantly surprised to find out you have nothing to worry about? Good luck and best wishes.

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